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Inspiration and ideas for your master bath remodel

Are you embarrassed by your bathroom or just really tired of the outdated design? Is sharing the all-important functional room getting in the way of the spa experience you want? You might be ready for a makeover. Kettler Forlines Homes in Maryland has some inspiration and ideas for your master bath remodel.

Decide what you want.

Ask yourself what you want from your master bath remodel. An overhaul that gives it a look that makes you say “ahhhhhhh”? Do you need a space with a more functional layout, like maybe a private water closet? Do you lack basic storage like a linen closet or sufficient cabinets?

Start your plans for a master bath remodel by making a list of “What I Hate About My Bathroom”. Then, next to each item on that list, write what you would prefer to have. Instead of the cultured marble, maybe you want quartz or marble countertops with vessel sinks. Perhaps the lighting is neither functional nor flattering (a definite concern when applying make-up). 

Do your homework.

Every year, manufacturers come up with new designs and features for fixtures and systems. From colors, shapes, and materials to new technology, there are so many ways you can create the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. 

Smart bathrooms are catching up with the rest of the home’s IQ. Motion-sensor mirrors and completely hands-free toilets (raising and lowering the lid, flushing, and self-cleaning) are just a few examples of how you can incorporate more technology into your bathroom. You can also install a smart shower system that is programmed for things like the spray setting and water flow.

Some of the requests we often receive when planning a master bath remodel is in-floor heating, freestanding bathtub, walk-in shower, and a chandelier.

Get touchy-feely.

You can certainly get the spark of ideas by looking online or in magazines, but there’s nothing like visiting a showroom or design center to really get the feel of what you want, need, and must have in your master bath makeover.

Thinking of river rock tile for the floor of your shower? Test out the feel in a tile showroom (one that has been sanitized, of course).

You can also get a much better look at bathroom vanities and countertops, like the intricate patterns in a certain granite, quartz, or marble countertop.

A good showroom gives you the ability to see various combinations as well as pull together samples to create the look you want. Plan a few field trips to get your ideas flowing. 

Find your focus.

When planning your master bath remodel, take a lesson from decorating other rooms, like your bedroom or living room. Find a focal piece and work around it to develop a theme and color palette. For example, in a living room, you might have an area rug with the colors you love. In your bedroom, your design might have revolved around the bedding. In a bathroom, look at tile first. Explore the colors, patterns, and textures available until you find something that absolutely grabs and holds your attention. Then work your way out from there to build the complete design, making sure it blends with your bedroom.

Prioritize your expenditures.

How often do you expect to remodel your bathroom? Don’t dismiss certain wishes as “too frivolous for now”. Think long-term. Spend your money on the things that really matter. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a freestanding jetted tub or an oversized walk-in shower with a bench, rainfall showerhead, and body sprays. If you skimp here, you’ll regret it for years to come. There may be ways to cut costs on other aspects of your bathroom remodel in order to afford the features you truly want. Talk to your remodeling contractor about your ideas, wishes, budget, and timeline.

Rely on a pro.

Kettler Forlines Homes has been building luxury homes in the DC Metro region for more than 40 years. We also remodel homesfinishing basements, building additions, remodeling interiors, adding outdoor living spaces, and more. You can count on us for quality craftsmanship (backed by a warranty), creative and knowledgeable design, personal service, and reliability. If you’re thinking about remodeling a master bathroom, please reach out to us to explore the many ways you can customize it.