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Life is good in Poolesville

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A recent article in The Washington Post described Poolesville, Maryland, as “a gem in a haystack”. We couldn’t agree more.

Poolesville is a throwback to the peaceful lifestyle that some of us still remember. That small-town life where you knew your neighbors, where you could sit down at the local café and the server asked if you wanted “the usual”. It’s a town where you will see kids playing in the park or riding their bicycles along the sidewalk.

In just four square miles, Poolesville houses a population of 5,201 people, amidst countless acres of fields and farmlands, orchards and vineyards. The town sits in the heart of Montgomery County’s Agricultural Preserve, 93,000 acres of unspoiled beauty, and is situated near Dickerson Conservation Park and the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area. Yet, it’s just 30 miles from the nation’s capital.

Nature’s growth is complemented by the gradual growth of the town itself. The town’s leaders invest in the future of the community, beginning with the children. Poolesville’s public schools invest $16,548 per student—more than 33% above the national average of $12,383. Poolesville High School has been consistently ranked as the best in the state for six years in a row.

The infrastructure is growing steadily as well, with an eye toward preserving the uncluttered lifestyle that attracts people there.

“We’re using a lot of technology to be sure our infrastructure is good for the next 50 years,” explains Jim Brown, president of the town commissioners.

Poolesville’s population has grown 37% since 2000, perhaps a reflection of the desire to move away from urban living, but remain within reach of those amenities.

The quality of life here is a combination of the location, the neighborhoods, and the amenities—but most importantly, the people. Kettler Forlines Homes chose Poolesville for its Brightwell Crossing community. We expanded it to now offer The Reserve at Brightwell Crossing, because the demand for new homes in this beautiful town must be met with commitment to preserving the quality here. If you’re interested in making the move to a small-town living within an easy commute of the Washington DC area, we invite you to look at this drone’s-eye-view of The Reserve, and contact us to learn more about your opportunities here.

Richard Kettler

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