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Reimagine your home for remodeling

We all have places in our homes that we love more than others. Your satisfaction could be the way you’ve decorated the space or maybe the features built into it. Then there are the “other” ones—the areas you sneer at and wish they were more to your liking or rooms that have become nothing more than an overgrown closet where you throw everything that doesn’t have its own place. Reimagine your home for remodeling so you can rekindle the romance you had when you first moved in. 

Start with your biggest complaint.

What’s your biggest gripe about your home? Is it lack of storage space? Are you totally at odds with your kitchen? Do you want a space of your own?

Grab a tablet or notebook (any note-taking device or tool will do) and walk through your home, room by room. Stop and look around in each one. Open the closets and cabinets. Look at the walls, ceiling, floors, and windows, too. Make notes of what you like and don’t like. Create a wish list for that room. It could be as simple as changing the paint or getting new furniture, but will that be enough of a fix? This is an awareness exercise so be detailed and be brutal, if you have to.

Choose your battle.

The list of all your home remodeling projects can feel overwhelming. You don’t have to do it all at once. Now that you’ve identified the problem areas, pick one to start with. Then put the others out of your mind for now. They don’t need to take up space in your head’s “To Do List”.

Your budget might dictate to start small, and that’s fine. Once you see the difference a little effort makes, you’ll be motivated to keep going. Speaking of budget, make sure you create one, no matter what home remodeling project you choose. It’s the best way to keep yourself in check. 

Dream big.

You’re getting ready to change a part of your home. Don’t give into limiting thoughts. Think and dream BIG! By brainstorming and dreaming, you’ll come up with a lot of ideas to choose from. Some of them could be winners! Gather every idea you can so that once you make your choices, you know you’ve done enough research to avoid later regrets.

What would you absolutely love to do in that space? Look online for inspiration. Go to home and design centers. Watch home remodeling shows on HGTV. 

Think about knocking down a wall, tearing out the cabinets, or ripping up the flooring. Maybe your makeover is a flex room you want to convert to an office. How about adding French doors and built-ins? Let your mind wander far and wide.

Explore all of your opportunities for your remodeling project, from flooring to light fixtures. Small details make a difference so, once again, don’t rush through this step. 

Digitally map out your space.

Have you decided to finish your basement and turn it into useful living space? It can be hard to imagine “what could be” when you’re only seeing clutter. And a kitchen makeover can be tough to configure when you’re going to completely change the space. 

Don’t guess about what you can and cannot fit in your home remodeling project. Take the measurements of the area and map out your ideas on a room design app

Find the right remodeling contractor.

Your dream makeover could become a nightmare if you hire the wrong contractor. Lengthy delays can be more than frustrating, particularly when you’re remodeling a pivotal space, like your kitchen. 

Here are some questions to ask before you hire a prospective remodeling contractor:

  • Can you provide me with homeowners you’ve worked with on similar projects to mine?
  • Are you licensed and insured, including liability insurance?
  • Do you take care of obtaining all the necessary permits? 
  • When could you start this project and how long do you anticipate it to take, start to finish?
  • How many other remodeling jobs are you currently doing?
  • Who will be working in my home? Do you use subcontractors? Will you provide contact information for the person in charge?
  • How long will it take to get the materials?
  • How do you protect my property during the renovation?
  • What are your typical work hours?
  • How do you handle changes in the project?

Kettler Forlines Homes has earned a reputation for the quality homes we design and build in the Montgomery County area of Maryland. We also put our skills and experience to work on home remodeling. Our professional team can handle every detail, working with you to create the design and budget, and ensuring that the finished product exceeds your expectations! Bring us your wish list and let us transform your home and rekindle the romance!

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