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Why you need a second refrigerator

It makes sense for many households to keep a separate freezer in their home, to stock up on things they don’t need now but might use in the future. We’re seeing a growing trend among homebuyers to add yet another extra appliance. While you might think, “Not me, I have enough”, think again. Here’s why you need a second refrigerator.

Sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free and more

Let’s start with the beverages you keep chilled. There used to be milk, juice, maybe some sodas, beer, and wine. Now look at our current stash of drinks. Some of your milk drinkers might have switched to an alternative, like soy or almond milk, so you’ve added that to your grocery list, along with the “regular” milk. How about the variety of creamers now available? Somedays, you’re feeling the hazelnut while others might call for Irish creme or salted caramel chocolate. Maybe you need to stock sugar-free or low-fat options as well. 

Now, what’s your inventory of other drinks? Is bottled water taking up space? And what’s your choice of Iced tea: sweet, unsweetened, flavored? Soda—sugar-free, caffeine-free, or neither? Then there are all the flavors and brands of soda, seltzer, and sports drinks that seem to be growing weekly. Beer comes in light, low carb, gluten-free, craft, seasonal, and so many categories for aficionados: lager, stout, porter, IPA, wheat, etc.

Since the pandemic required people to spend more time at home, there’s also the need for more groceries to feed everyone. You might have been taking lunch at school or work, but now those two locations have converged on the homefront. 

Are you limiting your choices because you have limited space in the fridge?

Where do you put a second fridge?

A refrigerator is not a small appliance. You likely don’t have room in your kitchen for this option. The obvious choice is the garage or basement. In response, some builders are creating a space where the second refrigerator can fit without being an obstacle. If you have a finished basement, it makes sense to include a refrigerator down there as well.

Another choice is the mudroom, also known as the family entry. By expanding this area a bit, it’s easy to fit in a refrigerator that is easily accessible. Grab a bottle of water on the way out or stock it up with groceries on your way in from the garage.

Tight squeeze?

Look at this decision from a different perspective. All things being equal, where would you prefer your second refrigerator to be? If your kitchen had enough space, would you like to have two fridges there? 

Having a butler’s pantry or service station off the kitchen is a nice plus. You could easily put a beverage refrigerator there and create more room in your main fridge. You might designate this smaller one for the kids and keep their drinks and snacks there. Add your creamers, then stock the cabinets in the service kitchen with your coffee and tea supplies, and put your coffee machine on the counter here. This plan frees up counter space in the kitchen and eliminates some of the traffic.

Take a look at The Bradley, a Kettler  Forlines Homes single-level floor plan. If you click on the interactive floor plan, you can see so many ways to accommodate a second refrigerator in a ranch-style home. We offer the option of adding a service kitchen and even an extended service kitchen, the perfect place for that extra fridge. You could also convert this space to a second walk-in pantry, which adds more storage and can include the refrigerator, too.

The Montgomery is a two-story floor plan and one of our most popular home designs. The kitchen includes both a walk-in pantry and a service kitchen. This design offers the option of adding the beverage refrigerator. You could also look at where we’ve situated a desk in the kitchen and perhaps swap that space for an extra refrigerator.

You’re spending more time at home. You should feel completely comfortable, whether that means having the privacy of a dedicated home office or a space for your kids to do virtual learning. You should have the storage you need to avoid feeling cramped. “Home, sweet home” is more important than ever! 

Kettler Forlines Homes designs and builds single-family homes for the way people live today. We also look ahead to the possibilities for tomorrow. If living in the DC Metro area, including Maryland, is on your radar, then Kettler Forlines Homes should be there, too. We’ve been building award-winning, luxurious homes here for more than 40 years. Reach out to George Neill to learn more about a new construction home and what that can mean to you and your family.