Homebuyer's Corner

The Buying Process

Kettler Forlines Homes offers many new home styles that we can build on your lot.  We have a variety ofaward winning designs available to suite your every need and desire for your dream home.  We can accommodate any home site with our designs....Anything from a narrow lot close to town to a large estate lot and everything in between.  Whatever you choose, you can be assured that every home we build will include the outstanding quality, enduring value and exceptional service that Kettler Forlines Homes has delivered to thousands of our Homeowners for nearly forty years.

*  Establish your budget and obtain a mortgage pre-approval, if needed.  Knowing your budget will help us guide you through the rest of the process and meet your goals.

*  Home site visit.  By now, our Sales Manager has provided pricing for your new home and the many available custom options that we can provide.  In addition, we are able to make custom changes to our plans to make your new home truly unique.  But first, it is important to visit your home site and determine the lot related costs to build on your lot.  Our senior management development and homebuilding team will visit the site with you and provide a detailed lot development check list and cost evaluation.  Every lot is not only different in it's configuration, but each local and state jurisdiction has their own standards, building code differences, zoning requirements and fee structure that must be taken into account.  Many builders add these costs on at a later time, but we prefer that you know these costs up front.

*  Our Sales Manager can now guide you through the final home design and selections process to make your new home truly your own. You will visit one of our regional design centers and review the many finishes and choices that are displayed.  

*  Once your selections and custom touches are chosen, our Sales Manager will work with our design and contracting team to arrive at a final price for your new home.

*  Do the paperwork.  Our Sales Manager will prepart the Custom Home Agreement.  Once the agreement is signed, the time is right to finalize a loan with your lender.

*  When the agreement is executed by all parties, Kettler Forlines will begin obtaining the necessary permits from the municipality where your new home wil be built. Permit fees, bond fees, if needed, any any other fees required will be paid directly by you.  Kettler Forlines will process the permit(s) as part of our service to you.  Permits can take four to eight weeks to be granted, depending on the requirements of the municipality where the building is to take place.

*  Pre-construction meeting.  Meet on site with the Sales Manager and Homebuilder to review your specifications and selections.

*  Permits are in hand!  Let's build a new home!

*  Prior to drywall being installed, we will schedule a pre-close-in walk-through with the Homebuilder and the Sales Manager to review the construction of the home and make any final adjustments needed.

*  Once your new home is complete, we will schedule a Homeowner orientation walk-through with you and your Homebuilder.  The purpose is to explain all of the systems and features in your home and discuss their operation and maintenance.  You also will be given all of the warranty information for equipment in the home as well as the Residential Warranty Corporation, LLC Ten Year Warranty plan. You also will be given contact information for Homeowner Service.  If any final touch up work is required, a list will be prepared and signed by you and the Homebuilder.  Our goal is to finish this work prior to your occupancy.

*  Move In Time!  Congratulations!

*  Kettler Forlines Homes will schedule a follow-up walk-through with your Homebuilder at 90 days from occupancy and 11 months from occupancy.  Any concerns or questions regarding your home can be addressed at that time.