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2021 kitchen cabinet design trends

Your kitchen cabinets make a big statement. Whether you choose a soft neutral or a dark hue, your choice will set the tone for the entire area. What do the 2021 kitchen cabinet design trends look like? And how does your kitchen meet your current lifestyle needs?

Trending kitchen cabinet colors

The kitchen cabinet colors are a choice where you can truly add your personal touch to your kitchen design.

White remains the top choice for kitchen cabinets, but there are plenty of other choices. In 2021, warm neutral colors are capturing the attention of kitchen designers, a contrast to the grays and other cool colors in recent years.

“These comfort colors are similar to comfort foods—both offering a certain sense of familiarity and normalcy,” explains Amy Donato, senior color marketing manager at PPG Paints.

Blue emerged on the kitchen cabinet color scene a couple of years ago. Navy blue is a striking statement color. While not quite as powerful as navy blue, a lighter blue-gray has lasting appeal that designers are trending toward.

For traditional kitchens, you might prefer wood stain over painted cabinets. The natural wood exudes warmth and never goes out of style!

A continuing color trend in kitchen cabinets is the two-tone option. Choose one color for the island and/or lower cabinets and then contrast it with a different color for the upper cabinets. You can even pair a wood stained cabinet with painted ones.

Popular kitchen cabinet door styles

The door on a cabinet is as distinctive as the color. Shaker is the most popular choice for homeowners. Flat is ideal for contemporary kitchens, beadboard fits in the modern farmhouse style, and an inset cabinet door works anywhere.

Glass fronts add a nice accent to kitchen cabinets. Whether you choose just a couple of cabinets or all of your upper cabinets, the glass front lets you display what you have, as well as making it easy to find what you need.

Open shelving coming to a close?

Kitchen designers fell in love with the look of open shelving in the kitchen, particularly for the modern farmhouse. However, homeowners discovered that it’s just not practical to give up valuable storage space for the sake of style. In 2021 and beyond, new kitchens might feature a hint of open shelves but expect to see less of it. 

Drawers, not doors

Cabinet manufacturers have become more creative over the years. The designers realized that pulling open a drawer is much better than reaching into a cabinet. Deep drawers present real appeal to homeowners because of the ease. You can store pots, pans, dishes, and small appliances with more convenient access.

The idea of pulling out rather than rummaging inside also applies to specialty cabinets. Pull-out trash bins and vertical storage racks are a definite plus for any kitchen!

Don’t forget the hardware

Cabinet hardware ranges from knobs to pulls, and comes in an extensive array of styles, colors, and metals. It’s like the jewelry of the cabinet—an accessory that adds the finishing touch. 

Nickel cabinet hardware is a long-standing favorite but copper fixtures, including hardware, have emerged in 2021. Whatever metal you choose, a matted or brushed finish is recommended as a better accent than shiny hardware. They are also more practical as these finishes don’t show smudges and are easy to clean.

This year, kitchen cabinets are trending toward simple and understated. In fact, many designers are recommending no hardware at all! It’s a particularly smart choice in contemporary style kitchens, but if you want hardware for this kitchen style, a sleek and minimalist style is the way to go.

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