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Create your comfort zone at home

Your home is your haven. Does it feel that way? After a year of sheltering at home, did you have to give up on the place where you escape when you need a mood-booster? Maybe to make room for a home office or study space? Take back what you need and deserve. Here’s a step-by-step plan to create your comfort zone at home.

Decide what you need.

What do you need to feel comfortable? A steady source of natural light is a good start. How about peace and quiet? A door is a definite plus in that situation!

Ask yourself what furnishings you’ll need to get cozy—like an overstuffed chair, your favorite rocker, and shelves or storage for essential “feel-good stuff”. Is your new sanctuary where you’ll want to move around, maybe for yoga or a creative space? Make a list of what you want in your comfort zone at home so you can determine how much space you’re going to require.

Set the rules.

If you’re commandeering a community space for yourself, take the time to discuss your plan with the other members of your household. Determine how the comfort zone will be used by anyone or everyone. You might want to use this retreat by yourself at some times. And there should be rules about respecting the space and what’s in it (e.g., “Don’t mess with my books” and “Leave the room as you found it”).

Pick the palette and theme.

Color is a strong influence on mindset. What colors spark a spirit of calm in you? You might want soft neutrals in your comfort zone or prefer the energy of more vibrant colors. Choose what works for you, so that every time you walk into the room, you feel a sense of “ahhhhh” wash over you.

Add the zen.

Certain elements enhance the ambience in a room and contribute to a healthy home. Plants, for example, bring in a valuable natural accent. Many varieties also contribute to indoor air quality. English ivy, mother-in-law’s tongue, spider plant, and aloe vera are just a few plants that do this double-duty. If you have a fur family, be sure to check whether or not your choices are potentially toxic plants to pets.

Lighting also contributes significantly to a comfort zone at home. If your space has overhead lighting, like recessed lights, add a dimmer switch so you can control the intensity. Task lighting should be placed where you need it. Candles can add a desirable soft glow, with or without the scent. If you don’t want to deal with flames, consider battery-operated LED candles with a remote control. 

Essential oils give a gentle fragrance to the air in your comfort zone, and are much better for air quality than air fresheners that contain chemicals. Use an essential oil diffuser with whatever scent feels good. Citrus, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, and bergamot are good options.

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