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Inspiration and ideas for your bathroom remodel

Back when we first started Kettler Forlines Homes more than 40 years ago, the bathroom was purely functional. But spas were not common in those days either. Today, the bathroom is a place where you pamper yourself, whether it’s a long soak in the tub or shower or just having your very own sink. If this room hasn’t yet kept up with trends, Kettler Forlines Homes has inspiration and ideas for your bathroom remodel.

Rate your bathroom.

Prepare a report card for your current bathroom. Give it a grade for style, features, privacy, storage, and convenience (for example, the number and placement of electrical outlets).

For each of these topics, where do you see room for improvement? What needs to be replaced and why?

Going into your bathroom remodel with this insight will keep you on track for achieving the results you want. This clarity will also guide your bathroom remodeling contractor to understand your “why”, which provides clarity on your motivators.

Consider the structural change.

It’s one thing to update what you have without altering the layout, like replacing the vanity and cabinets or redoing the shower with new tile, a frameless shower door, and new fixtures. But if you plan to move the plumbing or open up a wall, you need to make sure it’s feasible. Discuss your ideas with an experienced bathroom designer or remodeler, who can also give you alternatives for other ways to achieve a similar result. Most renovations can be done, as long as you’re willing to pay for the work required. 

Choose the style and feel.

What do you want your updated bathroom to feel like? Do you want luxury all the way, like a chandelier over a double walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and jets? Or are you thinking of a more zen-like bathroom that envelopes you with calmness? Do you like sleek or cozy? There are so many options for bathroom fixtures these days that you can absolutely get the look you want. Just define it first so you can measure each choice to your overall look and feeling. 


Now that you have your goals and feasibility planned out, it’s time for the fun stuff. Build a portfolio of images of bathrooms, fixtures, and accents that appeal to you. Here are some bathroom design ideas to consider:

  • Would you prefer the dual vanities to be side by side or separate? If you have the room for separate vanities, the option really defines your private bathroom space.
  • Do you want a tub, a shower, or both? When space is limited, you can have a shower-tub combination. If you want a soaking tub first and foremost but need the practicality of a shower, add a handheld showerhead or mount one above, or both! Here are some great soaking tub and shower combinations
  • How much privacy do you want for your toilet? A private toilet room or water closet is a nice feature for a shared bathroom. It can be set off with a knee wall or closed in, depending on the space.
  • What sink style do you like? An undermounted bathroom sink provides a sleek look with easy clean-up. Vessel sinks are available in a wide—really wide—range of styles, colors, and materials. Maybe you like the modern farmhouse look of an apron sink or the contemporary accent of a wall-mounted bathroom sink. 
  • Bathroom lighting has also evolved from the purely functional overhead light. Like any other room in your home, you have layers of lighting—function, task, and accent. For example, lighting your vanity used to be installed above the mirror, but we’ve found that sconces on the sides provide better light. And you can do much more than rely on a basic overhead light fixture. Add your personal sense of style here as well.
  • A heated floor is a wonderful feature in today’s bathrooms, particularly here in the Northeast. Imagine stepping into the bathroom on a cold morning and not being met by a cold tile floor. When you’re already planning on replacing the floor, radiant heat is an affordable feature to consider.

Choose the right remodeler.

The bathroom remodeling contractor you hire can make the difference between a professional process and result or every homeowner’s nightmare. Look for a licensed contractor with specific experience in bathroom remodeling. Ask their past customers for a reference, and ask if the contractor and crew arrived on time, were respectful of the home, cleaned up at the end of the day, and met the schedule as promised. Here are some other questions to ask your remodeler.

Kettler Forlines Homes is both a homebuilder and remodeler. Our family has been serving the DC Metro area for more than 40 years. We put the same care into remodeling that we do in every home we build—with unparalleled personal service, innovativeness, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and commitment to quality from start to finish. Let’s talk about your vision for your bathroom remodel!