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Kitchen design trends for 2022

Our Design, Build, Renovate team has been getting increasing interest in kitchen remodeling. Homeowners are curious about the kitchen design trends for 2022 as they plan how to make over this all-important space. We asked Kettler Forlines Homes’ designers to share what’s cooking in the latest kitchen design trends.

Double islands

It appears that having a center island in the kitchen is like trying to have just one slice of pizza or a one-car garage. It’s simply not enough!

In 2022, and beyond, double islands will set the standard for a high-end kitchen. One is a workspace while the other acts as an area for seating or serving. And think of the additional storage you could have with that extra island!

Natural accents

What better space is there in your home to blend natural elements than the kitchen? You’re already combining natural ingredients for your most fundamental need (eating). In 2022, kitchen design will incorporate more natural wood and stone. If you want to bring in more wood but still like color in your cabinets, you can mix it up. Choose a color for the upper or lower cabinets and then go with natural wood for the rest. Or contrast your island cabinets with your colored cabinets. You can also add a butcher block countertop to the island, the ideal surface for a cook’s workspace.

Pantry makeover

Pantries have become an invaluable storage space in the kitchen. Homeowners now want more from this space than shelves. Kitchen pantry design now includes that same type of organization elements as the master bedroom closet. Drawers, countertops, and pull-out shelves make it much easier to keep the space in order and have everything easily accessible. Even if you want to maintain your pantry shelves, the latest kitchen design trend makes them more visually appealing, with decorative shelf supports, hooks, and even beadboard backing.

Glossy glazed tile backsplash

Homeowners planning a kitchen remodel are taking a shine to a new trend: glazed tile backsplashes. For many years, the flat matte finish has been preferred, although glossy subway tile has remained popular. This year, kitchen designers favor the shine of glazed tiles, which are also very easy to clean.

Pop goes the color

Color splashes are fun anywhere in the home—bedroom, bathroom, family room, even the outdoor living spaces. Why not continue into the kitchen?

It’s easy to add bright pops of color to your kitchen without making a big commitment, like painting the cabinets. Change your breakfast bar seating. Display decorative serving ware and choose small appliances in the vibrant hues you love. Then, hang colorful artwork and accents on the walls. 

The multi-purpose larder

You’re going to hear more about the “larder” this year. It’s a large cabinet that, in past centuries, was used to keep meats cool (but not actually refrigerating them). Back then, raw meat would be covered in fat to preserve it, a process called “larding”. 

Fast forward to today and the larder is an attractive cabinet, like a china hutch. It’s used for storage, but now has a dual function as a workspace. Stash your work materials in the bottom of the cabinet and install a pullout shelf for your laptop. With a kitchen larder, you can multi-task—working, cooking and keeping an eye on the family, all at the same time.

More drawers, fewer shelves

In recent years, we’ve had a trend of open shelves in the kitchen in lieu of wall cabinets. For practical purposes, it just hasn’t worked out. It’s a nice idea to want to display attractive items on these shelves, but they take the place of much-needed storage. The Kettler Forlines Homes designers are now minimizing the use of open shelves to maximize storage.

In addition, we’re adding more drawers to the mix. Drawers make it easier to access what you need. Instead of reaching deep into a cabinet, pull out the drawer. And it’s not just for storage. Appliances are making their way into the depths of a drawer. It’s become more common to situate your microwave under the counter with a drawer replacing the door. A warming drawer and dishwasher can also be installed with a drawer access.

Drawers are an advantage for people who are aging in place as well. For a person who relies on a wheelchair, pulling out a drawer is more convenient than rummaging in lower cabinets.

Trends that keep trending

In addition to these new kitchen design trends for 2022, many features are maintaining their popularity with homeowners and designers:

  • White kitchens
  • Quartz and granite countertops, with quartz becoming the preferred choice
  • Pendant lighting
  • Stainless steel appliances

Whether you’re going to remodel your kitchen or design and build a new home in the DC Metro area, please include Kettler Forlines Homes in your plans. Our designers are excited about planning the kitchen of your dreams!

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