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The benefits of building on your land

Do you have a particular piece of property in mind for your ideal home? Whether you already own it or have had your eye on a location, it’s a great time to make the move to that dream. Consider the benefits of building on your land

Avoid the stiff competition.

There was a time when the inventory of homes for sale represented a three- to six-month supply. In some markets, that number has shrunk to less than a month’s worth of available homes. Homebuyers are rapidly buying up the shrinking inventory of homes for sale. Resale homes are receiving multiple offers, with many over the asking price. Before the pandemic, the average time a home was on the market was 24 days, according to the National Association of Realtors. In 2021, that average has dropped by 8 days, to an average of 16 days on the market. Many homebuyers are reporting that they’ve sold their home just a few days after listing it!

Do you want to jump into this frenzy? Even if you find a fantastic home in the right location, you’ll probably have to wage a bidding war against other buyers. You could also end up paying a lot more than you anticipated.

When you buy land to build a home, you’re removed from all competition. You proceed at your own pace, unhurried in your decision-making.

Choose your location.

One of the trends that resulted from the pandemic’s restrictions was the desire to put urban living in the past. Individuals, couples, and families have been moving out to the suburbs and beyond. With many enjoying the advantage of working from home (WFH), the commute no longer dictates where they live. And the good news is that the farther you go from the city, the more land you’ll discover. You might be able to find that larger lot that you want, at a price that’s more affordable.

Get exactly the home you want.

Quite often, a resale home requires changes for the new owner. Whether those home improvements are purely cosmetic or require a major renovation—like replacing a roof or remodeling the kitchen—there will be an additional cost and inconvenience. When you build your home on your lot, you choose the floor plan and every detail, right down to the door knobs. Your home is 100 percent move-in ready. Even your technology is ready to go because all the wiring is already done.

Decide how you want your home situated.

You’ve walked your land and envisioned the view from your living room, bedroom, or back deck.With your own land, you can position the home as you want it—how you want your driveway to lead from the road, where the front entrance should be, and other key considerations. Take advantage of the lot’s unique characteristics, like gentle slopes and mature trees. When you start from your piece of land, all of these decisions are yours.

Live free of HOA restrictions.

Some people appreciate the benefits of a Homeowners Association. Others find the rules too restricting. When you build on your land, you typically don’t have to worry about adhering to HOA covenants that tell you where to leave your trash can, what color you can paint your home, and other choices you’d prefer to make on your own.

Enjoy growth potential.

Have you thought about a location where you can build a family enclave? A Maryland couple, Bill and Janet, had that idea. They were looking for property where they could build four homes—one for themselves, two for their daughters, and another for an in-law. They found a 355-acre farm that already had the rights to build ten homes. There was a duck pond and fields of wildflowers. The farmland also had an old barn that the couple decided to restore as a workshop for Bill, a woodworking hobbyist.

They chose Kettler Forlines Homes for their builder, based on touring a model home the company built in Poolesville, MD. Building permits were obtained in January 2020 and construction began immediately. The building process stalled just a bit when the pandemic caused a temporary shutdown. Still, with careful planning, they were able to move in a month sooner than expected.

“I felt at home the first week we were living here,” Janet remarked. “It seems like the glove that fits our hand. We really wanted this.”

If building a home on your land is something you’d like to consider, maybe we can help. Kettler Forlines Homes designs and builds distinctive homes in Montgomery County, Maryland, a beautiful region in the DC Metro, offering an easy commute to Washington, DC. We offer a free homesite consultation on-site. We’ll look at the property and give you our advice for building there. Contact us to learn more about building your home, your way! 

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