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What’s trending in new homes?

Technology keeps advancing our lives. Comfort and convenience are key to the way we build homes and what we put in them. Dan Fraker, Kettler Forlines Homes’ specialist in charge of purchasing and estimating, is on the front line when it comes to figuring out the details and seeing what’s hot and what’s not. So, we asked Dan to fill us in on what’s trending in new homes. 

What’s cooking in kitchen design trends?

“People do like their gadgets,” Dan says. There’s the challenge of where to store it all. Appliance storage garages have become much more popular. These storage cabinets are often situated on the counter behind a door that blends with the rest of the cabinetry. Open the door and slide out your stand mixer, food processor, or toaster as needed. Then park it back out of sight when you’re done.

Dan says homebuyers also prefer pull-out kitchen cabinets. This style makes it easier to reach items that are stashed in the back. The pull-out trash and recycle bin is another preference (and it’s a standard feature in all Kettler Forlines homes, along with slide-out shelves).

New features in kitchen appliances keep emerging, which prompts homebuyers to want the latest and greatest. Smart appliances, like a range you can start from your phone, and refrigerators that advise you when you’re running low on something, certainly appeal to busy homeowners. Dual wall ovens continue to be a desirable option in today’s new kitchens.

Whether you call it a “butler’s pantry” or “service kitchen”, the added serving and storage area has become even more valuable this year. Families have discovered that their needs for making and serving meals have stretched their kitchen space a bit too far. The service kitchen is a small area, usually connecting the kitchen to the formal dining room. We’ve incorporated various features in here—cabinetry, sink, dishwasher, under-counter refrigerator, and wine chiller, to name a few. One homeowner created a decked-out coffee and beverage station, which reduces kitchen traffic and keeps everything neatly in one place.

Flooring favorite

Hardwood flooring is always a beautiful feature in homes. But when there’s heavy traffic afoot—particularly with children and pets—homeowners are taking advantage of the durability that luxury vinyl plank flooring provides. 

Luxury vinyl plank floors truly look like wood. They are manufactured with four layers of PVC vinyl and then finished with a top layer that resists scratches and stains. It’s an affordable way to capture the beauty of wood with easier care. And the popularity of this product has led to a wide variety of color choices.

Make a bigger splash in the bathroom

Dan says the bathroom is another area where homeowners’ tastes are evolving. He and Tom Kettler, Vice President of Kettler Forlines Homes, toured about 25 homes in Montgomery County as part of a judging panel. Dan commented that “every single one had a freestanding tub and separate shower.”

This trend continues with Kettler Forlines Homes’ customers. The freestanding tub is an option for every owner’s suite bathroom. Larger showers are also available—a 7’ x 7” is included in the Bradley floor plan. Dan says it’s not so much the size of the shower as the fixtures.

“A fair amount of people like the rain showerhead,” he has observed.

Our Luxury Owner’s Bath includes various options, like a large shower or freestanding tub, and a tub deck.

What matters to you?

Thinking ahead about your next home, what features would you want? What would make your lifestyle so much better?

Kettler Forlines Homes has earned a reputation for saying “yes” when other builders say “no”. 

“We’re very flexible,” Dan says. “We’ve had people come to us after speaking with a competitor. They wanted to make small changes, but the builder wouldn’t budge. We’re happy to do what we can to make sure your home is exactly what you want—hopefully, even more than that.”

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