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Why Buy a New Home Instead of a Resale?

Are you in the market for a new home? “New” could mean a home that’s not the one you’re currently living in. But while you’re dreaming about this next big move, remember that you have your choice of a brand new construction home or an existing one. All things considered, why buy a new home instead of a resale? 

Price and cost aren’t the same things.

When you compare the price of a resale home with that of a new construction home, most likely, the older home will be lower.

And why is that?

Well, the moment you drive a new car off the dealer’s lot, the value depreciates. It goes from “new” to “used” in that instant. Just about anything that’s “pre-owned” is priced less than a new alternative.

What you pay for your home isn’t actually the cost. That’s just the start. Your costs come with the maintenance of your home: the expenses to repair, replace, remodel, or simply maintain the home you buy. 

Think of what you’ll need to invest in your home in order to avoid compromises to having the home of your dreams. If you need to replace the roof, the furnace, the air conditioning system, or water heater, you should factor those repairs into your total cost of ownership. 

Next, how is the interior? Are the kitchen and bathrooms updated? Do you need to invest in remodeling or even just upgrading the appliances? Add those costs to your total cost of ownership.

Do you want to replace the flooring? Are the windows energy-efficient? If not, you should either replace them or be prepared to let a substantial amount of your electric and fuel bill fly out your windows.

So, while the purchaser price of the resale home may be less than that of a new construction home, be a savvy shopper. Calculate the total cost of owning your home. If you have big plans for a home makeover, be sure you have the budget set aside to complete it. Living in a home that is either a construction zone or something less than what you want is not a pleasant way to live.

Finished to your liking

You could move right into your new construction home with nothing more to do than unpack. Everything has been finished to your specifications. You selected everything, from the flooring to the wall color to the fixtures and the countertops. You don’t need to invest time and money into fixing it up. 

Safer and smarter

Today’s new homes are built with more advanced methods and materials. A new home is far more energy-efficient than one that was constructed even 10 years ago. You’ll live in a home that conserves energy from the roof to the floors, and everywhere in between. 

Kettler Forlines Homes builds to ENERGY STAR standards. In fact, we’ve gone even further by ensuring our homes comply with Indoor airPLUS requirements. The indoor air quality has never been as important as it is right now, and we want our homeowners to breathe easier, literally, because we’ve taken extra care to ensure it.

New homes also reflect the latest in smart home automation. While you might have to rewire an existing home, your new construction home is ready for your technology. Just plug right in and get the robust connectivity to feed all your data needs. Kettler Forlines Homes includes Smart Home Plus, which makes it easy to install and manage all of your devices.

No surprises

Let’s go back to the used car example. When you buy a car that someone (or several someones) drove, don’t you wonder how they cared for it? Did the car get regular maintenance? Did the driver have accidents? Was he maybe a little careless behind the wheel?

With any used item, you’re buying the history. If the walls could talk, what would they say? How many times have you watched a home makeover television show in which they uncovered a major problem lurking behind the walls or in the foundation? While a home inspection can find some of them, there are other potential problems that aren’t easy to spot. Ask yourself if saving a little money upfront is truly worth the risk.

A warranty’s peace of mind

A new construction home is backed by a builder’s warranty. The entire home is covered for the first year, while structural defects and systems (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) are covered longer. You can live in your new home with the confidence that you’re protected by the warranty!

What is your comfort and safety worth?

Your home should perform for you, not merely provide shelter. Over the past months, you’ve discovered how your surroundings impact your well-being, productivity, and joy. Buying a new home is a big decision and you should consider all the pros and cons to your choice.

If your new home search brings you to Montgomery County in Maryland, please consider Kettler Forlines Homes. We have a few homesites remaining at The Reserve at Brightwell Crossing, our Poolesville community. Our team of professionals will also build on your lot. Discover all the benefits of buying a new home, Contact George Neill at Kettler Forlines Homes to learn more.