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Your home’s energy efficiency: Why HERS matters

Do you know where the energy is coming and going in your home? The wasted energy and money could be mounting up. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index was created to help you understand your home’s energy efficiency. As a builder committed to energy efficiency, Kettler Forlines Homes wants you to understand why HERS matters more than ever.

What is HERS?

The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) established the HERS Index in 1995 to set a national standard for measuring home energy efficiency. 

The HERS Index considers a long list of items that contribute to a home’s energy efficiency:

  • Ceilings and roof
  • HVAC system
  • Air leaks
  • Vents and ductwork
  • Exterior walls
  • Floors over unconditioned spaces (e.g., garage)

They take the size and shape of the home into consideration, too. The information is then entered into a program that comes up with a score, between zero and 250. With HERS, the lower the number, the higher the energy efficiency. 

What does the HERS number mean? 

A typical existing home is estimated to have an average HERS of 130. A new construction home is averaged at 100. The 30-point difference means the new home is 30% MORE energy efficient than the existing home.

To qualify as ENERGY STAR certified, a home must earn a HERS score of 85 or below—remember, low scores are better!— making the home 15% more energy efficient than the new home that has a 100 HERS rating.

Here’s a good breakdown of what each HERS score means.

In addition to qualifying for an energy-efficient mortgage, the HERS score can help you estimate the annual energy costs for the home. It’s similar to the EnergyGuide label on an appliance or the miles-per-gallon number on a vehicle. In some instances, choosing a more energy-efficient home can save you thousands of dollars a year!

How do I get a HERS score for my home?

A HERS inspection is required to get a rating. It’s conducted by a certified Home Energy Rater

A good HERS score can be a great selling point. Whether you’re preparing to sell your own home or buy a new one, having a certified understanding of its energy efficiency. Kettler Forlines Homes provides a HERS score for every home we build. Our commitment to building healthier, eco-friendly homes is evident in the design, construction methods, materials, and systems. We were one of just 10 homebuilders in the entire country to earn the EPA’s prestigious Indoor airPLUS Leader Award. When you’re choosing a homebuilder in the DC Metro area, look at what they contribute to the way your home “performs”, not just how it looks. Reach out to Kettler Forlines Homes to see how our homes measure up!