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Spring decorating ideas for your front porch

Your front porch can deliver a greeting to passersby. Whether it’s a friendly wave or a gesture to just keep going depends on how you decorate the space. With a new season of fresh beginnings upon us, Kettler Forlines has spring decorating ideas for your front porch that make a statement.

Choose a theme.

Just as with any other decorating, decide on a theme to drive your front porch decorating plans. Springtime themes can reflect your seasonal passion, like gardening, and you lend your personal signature to it. A garden theme can range from opulent to whimsical, floral to herbal. Maybe your spring theme is “easy does it”. Set up a comfy rocker or hammock chair, accessorized with outdoor pillows and a throw. Add a small table or basket for books, hang wind chimes, and place a chalkboard sign or wreath on the door that conveys your relaxed message. 

If you like farmhouse decor, incorporate a milk can—and if it’s large enough, convert it to a side table, painted in your color choice. Hang baskets of flowers and set up a flower box with herbs. Remove the seat from an old dining chair, attach chicken wire across the open space, and insert a planter with whatever plants you’d like there. If you have a spare bike, deck it out with a variety of baskets filled with flowers.

Pick your palette.

Choose the colors for your front porch decor. The colors of spring can be vibrant or subtle. If you have gardens in the front yard and around the porch, choose a color palette that complements those shades. Blend them in by choosing the same colors or let your porch decor stand out by going with brighter, lighter, or darker shades of the colors in your gardens.

Shop inside for the outside.

Think about the welcoming sight you want to display outside your front door. Then wander through your home to find inspiration for your front porch. Maybe you have some pieces that will enhance your exterior decor—a vase, pot, chair, table, basket, or other accents. Look around your kitchen, browse your home’s wall art, and see what you have in your spare rooms—where you often have overlooked and underused items. If you have extra colanders, they make excellent hanging planters—either painted or left as is.

Scale it to fit.

Make sure your front porch decorating considers the size of the space, Don’t overload a small porch or do too little on a larger one. As you decorate your front porch for spring, walk out to the sidewalk to take in the view. This perspective helps you to put things where they can be seen from the front and ensure that everything is in proportion to your front porch space.

Don’t forget the night view.

Do you want your front porch to send out a welcome sight in the evening? Add solar-powered or battery-operated white lights to brighten up some of the dark areas not lit by your exterior lighting. 

Thank your delivery people.

Do you get frequent deliveries to your home? Show your appreciation to the busy drivers by setting out a basket of snacks and a container of bottled water on ice. Put a sign on your care package with a “thank you” note. It’s a simple yet effective way to welcome those people who might be the most frequent visitors to your front porch!

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