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May is National Home Remodeling Month

There’s a lot to celebrate in May. Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Kentucky Derby, and some odd days dedicated to honoring Candied Orange Peels (May 4), Lost Socks (May 9), Dancing Like a Chicken (May 14), Lucky Penny (May 23), and Cellophane Tape (May 27). At Kettler Forlines Homes, we’re more interested in something more substantial. May is National Home Remodeling Month and that’s definitely something we can appreciate.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) “Home owners are spending more time and investing more money in their homes than ever before. And industry experts anticipate home improvement spending will continue to rise in the months and years ahead.”

As both a homebuilder and home remodeler, Kettler Forlines Homes work with homebuyers and homeowners who share a common goal. They’re each looking for the home of their dreams. 

Why should you remodel your home?

Buying a home might not be your preference right now. You still love your home’s location and features—well, most of them. You don’t have to live with those things that you don’t love. Here are some reasons to remodel your home.

#1. Quit compromising.

There are so many ways that remodeling can improve your home and the way you live in it. You’re tired of having to shuffle around someone else while you’re making dinner or trying to grab a drink from the fridge. You’ve always wanted a tub in your bathroom. And wouldn’t it be great to finally get the suite you’ve been wanting by knocking down the wall between your room and the guest room? Upgrade your home to create the haven you deserve!

#2. Accommodate your life changes.

Did you have to make room for a dedicated home office or a virtual classroom? Did your grown children move back in? Have you brought your aging family members to live with you? When families began sheltering at home, many felt cramped. There wasn’t adequate space for all the expanded needs. 

Remodeling can provide the perfect solution! Talk to a professional remodeler about ways to renovate your home in a way that fits your lifestyle and budget. A creative builder (like Kettler Forlines Homes) can give you a range of options and recommendations to do it right.

#3. Expand the living space.

So you never got around to finishing the basement, but it would sure be handy to have that extra living space! A finished basement can serve so many functions—a rec room, fitness and workout room, hobby studio, man cave, home office, classroom, extra suite, or a combination of any of these uses. Even improve the way you use the space for storage by remodeling the basement. Take a look at this basement refinishing project we completed for a DC Metro homeowner.

#4. Get the benefits of new technology.

What’s that strange-looking jack in the wall? A landline? What’s that?? 

Technology is critical in our daily lives. Your home should make it easy to grow with the latest advances and gadgets. A smart home technology specialist can guide you through what you need to bring your home’s wiring ready for the increased demand on bandwidth, reliable connectivity, and the expanding use of smart home automation.

#5. Stop apologizing.

Do you feel stressed when visitors are coming? You know they have a beautiful home and you are a bit embarrassed that yours isn’t as spectacular. Stop envying other homes and start giving your own a little more love. Whether you start small or tackle a big remodeling project, you’ll feel better about your own home, sweet home.

#6. Increase the resale value.

Many home remodeling projects increase the resale value. If you have an outdated kitchen or bathroom, for example, renovating that space can make your home more appealing to buyers. A dedicated home office, new floors, and redoing the exterior siding contribute to resale value.

Celebrate National Home Remodeling Month by rekindling the romance with your home. Contact Kettler Forlines Homes to explore the possibilities. We build and remodel in the DC Metro area, and you can rely on the creativity, vast experience, professionalism, and superior craftsmanship of our design and construction teams.